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Photo by Danielle Shields

Photo by Danielle Shields


'michelle sings with an undeniable purity and sweetness that is absolutely mesmerizing.'

-entertaining options


'the promise is immense and it will be fascinating to see where a full album leads.'

-three chords and the truth


'blending her love of americana and country, michelle leblanc has crafted a short disc of five tracks that also swirl in a pop sensibility that helps take this to the next level.'

-100 percent rock magazine


'steeped in the root-stock of americana and country michelle is able to surface with twisted gnarls of music which transcend the influences and deliver music which has a far wider global appeal with thumping anthems that finds the listener equally stomping their feet alongside and enthusiastically joining in with the vocal whilst equally hammering on their air drum-kit.'

-Emerging Indie Bands